Beyond the clouds: A poem by Nisha Tandon

That’s another world, you see beyond the shoals of clouds

Verdant meadows and wooded hillocks they often enshroud

Wisps of whites voyage across the azure skies

With their sheer presence they entice and mesmerise

Lazily drifting and melting into the infinite blue yonder

Amidst alluring sun-rays as they aimlessly meander

Some fragmented dreams and desires keep them company

Upon their unison they touch the zenith of ecstasy

The clouds play hide and seek with childlike pleasure

When nature is the harbinger of an obscure adventure

As into darkness languidly merges the mystic twilight

It unveils the pirouetting stars and moon in the midst of the night

The clouds then mischievously await the advent of dawn

Vanquishing the raging emotions as a new day is born

As the wispy curls in the sky, blanket the magnificent sun

With absolute awe, we witness the grey shadowy world

I often dream of escaping beyond these candyfloss clouds

Riding on the vagrant puffs if only once allowed

Beyond these clouds, I’ll dwell some day in the lap of this paradise
And spend solitary time, O my beloved where you tranquility reside