And one day she discovered: A poem by Azucena Libiran Gonzales

She blamed herself as she’d fallen into a state of misery
Moments when she suffered low self-esteem and extreme uncertainty
Immersed in the past, seems disappointments are dead ends
Wrapped up in the negative, worry kept her burden.

What could complete her journey of self-discovery?
In order to be freed, travel the way to recovery
Lack of self-worth and confidence stripped her of liberty
Block the negativity; learn that failure is not a tragedy.

And one day she discovered, the wounds didn’t shape her
She realized that life’s too short to worry and suffer
Comforted by the fact that everything happens for a reason
She found the courage to believe in herself and her decision.

Eventually, she has discovered the sources of happiness and fulfillment
Staying true to the journey God intended for you, awaits contentment
She’ll rise to her brightest light and will be free
Such a long journey of self-discovery; the “real me”.