An Interview with Ms. Lippi Parida

Ms. Lippi Parida

Who or what inspired you to embark on your own journey in the world of arts?

My mother was a good artist&looking at her draw&paint–I was inspired to draw and paint too!

Have you studied arts or obtained formal training in it?

Yes, I have learned the Odissi style of painting—PATACHITRA–from a national awardee—but I stopped painting patachitras because there’s nothing original about them!

Describe your art style.

I would describe by art style as POST IMPRESSIONISTIC–somewhat like the artistic style of the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh!

For how many years have you practiced your art, and have you had to overcome any hurdles on the way?

I have been painting seriously since 1988—&no matter what I kept on painting—although sometimes art materials were not readily available…like when we were posted in the UT’S of Andaman& Arunachal Pradesh!

What memorable responses have you had to your work?  

My painting was the first one used to inaugurate the ART CORRIDOR in the RASHTRAPATI BHAVAN—meant to display artworks by bureaucrats&their spouses, my art show of musical paintings held at AUROVILLE sold out instantly all over the world&my painting MONSOON MELANGE—brought in a lot of money for the ART FOR LAND FUNDRAISER held at AUROVILLE! All these responses have been memorable to me…
Recently some of my acrylic paintings sold out bringing in money to help the homeless migrant laborers in the labor colonies of CHANDIGARH!

What do you aim to achieve in the future? 

I aim to paint every day for the rest of my life!

Is there any specific area you now wish to explore?

I wish to fine-tune my art now!

What would you advise youngsters inclined towards the arts?

I would advise youngsters to practice as much as possible –practice makes perfect!

Ms. Lippi Parida’a Artwork