An Insightful Conversation: A Story by Lakshmi Ajoy

I was long desirous of meditation since few years. It was revealed as a discovery into the self. The first few days of meditation were spent in a restless fashion trying to attain calm and peace but the fidgety mind was wandering hither-tither.
After a few days of relentless efforts, I found a soft tap on the door of my Soul. “Knock! Knock!”
I answered the door. It was my subconscious staring back at me.
A conversation pursued between my Soul (hereby referred as S) and my Subconscious (hereby referred as SC).
S : Who are you? And why have you come knocking?
SC : I’m a silent observer of you, everything around and within you too. I’ve come to give you a few messages.
S: Are you here because of my meditations?
SC: I was always here and kept knocking every single day. The difference is, today, you heard me.
S: How’s that possible?
SC: It is possible because you have finally begun to experience a sneak peek into your own depths. You have begun to listen to the language of silence. Remember, ‘All that you seek is already within You.’
S: Is this the final goal then?
SC: Oh! No. This is just the beginning of the journey into the endless spaces. The goal is far far away.
S: Should I feel happy or sad about this?
SC: Let me ask you a counter question. How do you feel after beginning this journey and having reached thus far?
S: I felt happier about that before. But now as I hear this is only the beginning, I feel a bit disappointed.
SC: Do you realise that if you are experiencing ‘happier than before’ at this stage which is seemingly the very beginning, how happy you will be when you reach the actual end?
S: I kind of see where this is going.
SC: Frankly, you have no clue about the levels of SatChitAnand (Supreme Truth- Consciousness- Bliss) that you will experience. It is euphoric.
S: I feel excited already. Any specific advice?
SC: Just be yourself. Accept yourself with all your flaws and talents. Remember that you are ‘Imperfectly Perfect and Perfectly Imperfect.’ Do not be bothered about others, their words, their nature or behaviour. Just focus on your Self. Fill your inner jar with happiness, goodness, joys, adventures, contentment, abundance, peace, bliss, fulfillment and love always. You will find that spreading these attributes to others happens automatically and effortlessly. That is because your inner jar begins to overflow and spread these attributes by default. That is the power of self acceptance and self worth. My best wishes for a blissful journey into the Self.
S: How can I ever express my gratitude for this insightful conversation? My deepest and sincerest gratefulness for a valuable lesson taught today.
SC: Remember to call upon me anytime you need me. Remember I am just a knock away! (Vanishes into oblivion)