A Moment of Happiness: A Poem by Richa Srivastava

I always wonder:
Why do you strive so hard my little heart?
What makes you skip a beat or dart!
Are they Accomplishments, Ambitions or Luxuries?
But don’t they exist in abundance to be fret all through one’s life?

My heart chuckled at my perplexity,
And responded to me with great agility.
‘Life! my friend, isn’t only about the significant milestones you reach,
It’s also about the small things you fail to witness and cherish!’

Imagine! Feel!
My heart coaxed me into introspection.
First steps of your child,
A new shoot peeking from the soil,
Your very first cake rising in the oven,
An almost complete woolly sweater, that’s handwoven!

It’s that simple to find a reason to rejoice,
Let’s learn to make a good choice!
It shouldn’t be the big dreams what we aspire,
But only ‘a moment of happiness’ that should be admired!’