Age of innocence: A poem by Nisha Tandon

The child in me still seeks mother’s lullabies
In her cozy lap, I find my peaceful paradise

Looking for answers to all my what’s, where’s and why’s
And counting myriad stars in infinite skies

Shedding inhibitions and crying aloud my sorrows
Living carefree today without worrying for the coming morrow

Laughing boisterously and prancing around in total glee
And without a tinge of guilt watching time flee

Getting away with mischief masked behind an innocent smile
Which at my age today would be considered a crime

Sandcastle, floating paper-boats and kites to chase
Reliving a childhood that is our life’s perfect phase

Daring to dream beyond imaginations
Which take flight with my soaring aspirations

Living in awe and wonder as the magic of life unveiled
And continue to believe in the enticing fairytales

No goals set, with no one to compete
No commitments, no challenges, and no deadlines to meet

Alas! The innocence of yore is now sadly lost
In digital demon, the child today is deeply engrossed

We miss the innocent love and mischief filled days
And are now entrapped in life’s labyrinthine maze

Let us awaken the child within before it’s too late
The age of innocence you see has an expiry date