Trove of memories: A poem by Deepti Gupta

The beatific smiles on angelic faces
Running the grounds with open shoe laces
Baked brown in the lavish sun
A soaring spirit and worries none

Coming home with scraped knees in
Traces of mud in every crease
Tears charting rivers down ruddy cheeks
Joyous wonderment for endless weeks

Plunging into cakes with hands bare
Eating sweets and lollies without a care
Laughing with abandon and pure joy 
And equally loud when we needed a cry

Our shoulders free of worry
Dancing in the rain, making merry 
Curious and quizzical, all ‘why’s’ in fact 
Keeping the awe of growing up intact 

The accouterments of first love
Teenage innocence on a slippery turf
The heartbreaks that are yet to come
This age is special, enjoy it some