Abandoned: A poem by Dr. Shweta Mathur Lall


Abandoned by you, I have reached the pearly gates,
my broken soul so small and cursed.
Can I now, ask God for an explanation?
to put my troubled past to rest at last.

I didn’t whimper, I didn’t cry,
Accepted your wrath, my troubled past.
But now, I stand tall and demand justice,
Oh! why God, so much hatred in my life you cast.

Only if you had given me time to state,
my love for her, and let me hear too.
My soul would have quenched, ready to wait,
for another lifetime, to meet her in time due.

Only if you had let her cuddle me, I wonder,
my memories she would have cherished and also your creation.
Abandoned by you O Lord! My infant soul wander,
In the space between, refusing your punishment in retaliation.