A winter night: A poem by Dinesh Upadhyay

It was dead winter night of the desert;
Mercury had gone down freezing everything 
Including the life whatever it is there;
The stunning shrubs and thorny bushes
Seemed to shrunk for surviving;
Scorpions and snakes went back into sand;
Knowing what was about to come soon;
Sensing why to become the eye witness.
Something must be flourished in isolation,
At about half-past three, two dots appeared 
Together with incomparable illumination;
The first one was the moon in the horizon
And the second one was the pretty maiden.
Both had an unseen contest for beauty.
If the first had frolic movements in the sky;
The latter had divine features of pulchritude.
An owl was to determine who was the best
But here, partiality selected the first guest
As the owl showed his softness to the moon.
Humiliated maiden plunged into a sand dune.