A stitch in time saves nine: A story by Abdulrouf Wasiu

Once upon a time, there lived a man, his wife, and their small child in a small hut near the village of gongola, the village is surrounded by wild vegetation that is full of wild lives, no one dares to step out of their living huts due to the harm they might encounter from a one-eyed impala that is terrorizing their peace. 

For years, they are like this, living like a caged bird that is denied of freedom, they dwelt in hunger days upon days, hardly they struggle to find the food for their small baby. 

As time flies, the child grew to the middle of his teens, when his parents were in the position to console him no more, he had already fed up of hardship and torment they were facing, frankly! he was frustrated.  

He had already made up his mind, “even if its do or die, I’ll do this…. ” he said, he then headed straight to the bush of horror in the hunting of this wired animal that left them in the state of unrest of mind in their countryside. 

To his utmost surprise, a white one-eyed impala suddenly appeared at his back, when he began to find its hideout before he was badly bitted from behind, he nearly gave up due to his severe injury but later put more effort to see him end up killing this mythical animal after a couple of hours of being in the bush. 

From then till today, the people of gongola are celebrating him on a yearly basis, as he changed their time of hardship to happiness. 


When you find your self in one worrisome condition today, don’t be too lenient and never loose hope, time will soon change for good.