A River’s Journey: A Poem by Srividya Subramanian

What a wondrous sight we get to see!
As the river gushes excitedly to meet the sea,
Sometimes, it pauses to take in a waterfall
And then flows unflinching over gorges and galls.

Meandering through grasslands and meads,
Never tired, it nurtures new seeds.
Pristine and clear, it spreads out vast and wide,
Spirited yet silent, it takes on the tide.

A firm and precious companion it can be
Tolerant of our sins, it washes the shores clean.
Its gurgling laughter wipes many a silent tear
Its cool and comforting touch dissolves our fear.

An adrenaline rush it feels at every bend,
Keen to explore more, it plunges with strength,
Glorious tales it weaves along every path,
Inspiring millions to move on after every scathe.

Poet’s Note: The above poem exemplifies Paean poetry – a song or lyric expressing triumph, glory or thanksgiving. The above poem celebrates the glory of every river as it journeys unstoppably through centuries and lifetimes. We must salute its undying spirit and learn from the tales it expounds silently.