A Moment of Happiness: A Poem by Lalita Vaitheeswaran

Life is a rigmarole, braided in moments of frenzy

Some giving agony, others joyous ecstasy

Mornings of sunshine and evenings of dismay

Creating ripples of tumultuous emotional array

Clouds of uncertainty looming over arid souls yearning to swoon

A blanket of azure with stars and the angelic moon

Rains of tears that flood the valley of a bleeding heart

A breeze of unfaltering hope that nothing would fall apart

Drizzling moments of delight of rising after a fall

Jubilation and triumph of embracing in brotherhood all

Is happiness just a fleeting moment short-lived and transient?

Shouldn’t we all strive to make it everlasting and permanent?

Each moment of life is a gift for eternal celebration

Rejoice every breath, pulse and rhythm in exultation

Happiness shouldn’t be for ‘a moment’ but for eternity remain

Springing and oozing from our inner selves let happiness reign