A Letter Never Sent: A Poem by Vasudha Pansare

So many letters I have written,
In my mind, but never sent,
Letters of anger and sorrow,
Letters of hidden love,
Letters of reciprocation.
So many poetic epistles
I have written to my beloved,
But never sent, never posted,
All these epistles are imprisoned
In my beautiful diary.
Letters I have written,
Tears I have shed,
But not one person knows,
The burdens I carry in my heart,
The letters I have not sent.
I wish I had sent at least
A few letters, to communicate
My feelings, my turbulent emotions,
To see what effect they would have,
On the recipients.
Now in the twilight of my life,
Those unsent letters have become redundant,
 Have become meaningless,
 Now only peace of mind matters the most.