A Letter by Umasree Raghunath

My Dearest Love,

As I pen these words, my heart aches with the weight of unsaid
sentiments. In the silent spaces between us, echoes of unspoken
confessions linger. I’ve replayed countless scenarios in my mind,
wondering if courage would befriend me to articulate the emotions that
dance in my soul.

Your presence is a balm to my restless spirit, and yet, the fear of
altering the delicate balance we’ve built prevails. The unspoken,
though heavy, becomes a familiar companion. How do I unravel the
tapestry of thoughts that cloak my vulnerability?

Perhaps this letter will forever remain within the confines of my
heart, a testament to the words left unsaid. Know that my feelings are
genuine, my affections silent but sincere. If time and fate permit,
may our paths intersect with the cadence of shared words and
unburdened hearts.

Yours, in the echoes of unsent letters,