A gentle knock to the heart: A poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

When I gaze at the  golden glow of the  rising sun
Embracing the peaceful aura of the breaking dawn
The sun sprinkling sunshine on the glistening dew
A gentle knock to the heart makes me think of you

When my feet kiss the soft lush verdant earth
The gentle air touches my thought, kissing my hair in mirth
I see the birds satisfying their longing desire
A gentle knock to the  heart, my love is lit with the passion of fire

As the trees rustle with the  wind and those birds serenade
I dream of the  cadence when our two hearts would again resonate
Our dilly-dallying, and dawdling I reminisce
A gentle knock to the heart, those days how I miss!

As our conduit of love flows like sunshine into a tree
Care drops away from me like leaves of Autumn, making me free
As the whispering stream and bubbly trees send me into a poet’s dream
A gentle knock to the heart, with love scintillating, my eyes become agleam

As I sit in silence when the day is almost done
And see behind the  distant hill the  painted glow of the  sun
I inhale the sweet essence  that life has given me
A gentle knock to the heart,  with you, how I long to be.