A Blaze of Bravery: A Poem by Glory Neeraj

Valour aglow, Joan’s path,
Maid unyielding midst war’s wrath.
Armor-clad, her spirit soared,
God’s whispers, a sacred chord.

Sword in hand, she faced the fray,
Fearless ‘neath the sun’s harsh ray.
In battle’s grip, her resolve clear,
A maiden warrior without peer.

Bound by purpose, flames ignite,
Guided by heaven’s holy light.
Through trials dire, her faith unworn,
Joan of Arc, a soul reborn.

Fortitude’s beacon, fiercely aflame,
Though the world mocked her name.
She pressed on, with heart aglow,
Defying a cruel world’s cruel blow.

Capture’s chains, she could not fear,
Her steadfast soul held the sphere.
Martyr’s pyre, she embraced the stake,
A BraveHeart’s legacy, none could break.

Author’s Note:

Resolve forged in courage, ‘A Blaze of Bravery,’ Joan of Arc’s epic tale kindles a fire within, urging us to confront life’s battles with unwavering determination and unwavering faith in our convictions.