100-Words Story


Not again  

She was petrified.

There it stood; the most hideous creature shrouded in a dark cloak, twisted body and a blood-stained face. Her heart started pounding and she became breathless. Just then, the bony arm with gnarled fingers slowly started to move towards her. Her mouth was dry, she was sweating profusely.

The doors and windows opened and shut with a bang.

“Oh my God! What is happening? Who is this weird creature?”

As she picked up the flower vase to hit the demon, he caught her arm.

“Hey! Wake up! It is again one of those horror stories haunting you”.

Pradnya Surve


Now or Never!

 Kavita, a well-educated and ambitious girl, was married to Vishal. Her parents thought he was the perfect partner for her.

But the perfection lasted only for few months, Vishal was a spoiled brat. Kavita was humiliated and tortured now and then. It had become impossible for her to bear anymore. She had tried talking to him and expressed her love for him. “Let’s start afresh,” she said. But Vishal was not bothered.

One day, he even tried to slap her. That was the moment she decided to quit. ‘NOW or NEVER,’ she thought. She packed her bags and walked off.

Sheetal Pradhan Deshpande