Youth – A Muse of Life: A Poem by Rupinder Kaur

An Infatuated Spring or Inflated Self
A State of Oblivion Or A Matured Innocence
Life is lived in your Tenure,
Thy Tales are narrated in all Glory by Mankind
But understood when Riped
Your paucity of wisdom Finds balance in Charm, Beauty, and Delight
A Surreal World of Possibilities
Your Kingdom is ruled by Passion and Aim
Vigour, Valour, and Vitality define you
Tenacity, Revolt, and Rebellion your Kith
An Odyssey of Love touches upon its Zenith in thy Refuge
Beauty is eulogized in supreme
Love is Celebrated and Sacrificed in thy Regime
Your ephemeral visit in everyone’s Life
Remains a Cherished Memory