You’re My Best Teacher: A Poem by Aaradhana Agarwal

I grew up watching you handle life’s challenges with perfection
I grew up watching how you overcame difficulties without a companion, 
I grew up watching your ‘never to give up attitude’ with determination. 
I grew up watching you never get worried about an uncertain future, 
I grew up watching you how deep faith in god clears obstacles quicker. 
You never put on me the burden of high expectations, 
On my little success, you are the first to say ‘congratulations’. 
You never compared me with any other children of the family
You allowed me to learn skills at my pace, slowly but steadily. 
Even today, when I am a mother of a teen girl, you inspire me, 
On my mistakes when people criticize me, you don’t judge me. 
Ma! You have Inculcated values in me by practicing those in your life

I do the same; my daughter knows how to be victorious in her strife.