You are My Heartbeat: A Poem by Nibedita Rajguru

I sing songs in glee,
Chime to the jingle of a lullaby,
How I wish to clasp time in my palms,
Fill my eyes only with your dreams,
How wheels of my life have rolled to a post,
Everything is now encircled around you, the most,
I don’t wish to run a fierce race,
Rather allow you to grow at your innate pace,
Holding you in my arms,
I sway in a trance,
Love fills my soul, my bosom brims,
With the flow of unquestioning affection,
The one that would never inquire of reciprocation,
I am a mother, a caregiver,
Like a perennial river, I outpour,
Chanting hymns of a prayer,
I wish for you the choicest shower,
Of wishes and blessings.