Yellow Lehanga

Yellow leaves falling,

Love lost, she’s gone, pain remains,

Autumn’s bitter truth.

Season of meeting,

Now a season of parting,

Crushed, like yellow leaves.

Pillows stained with tears,

Sleepless nights, endless sorrow,

Her yellow lehanga.

Hate fills my heart,

Each leaf a fading touch,

Love’s painful reminder.

Her yellow lehanga,

Love’s fading symbol

She departs from me,

To become another’s bride,

In this same season.

Season of love’s bloom,

Now a season of goodbyes,

Her absence weighs.

Pillows bear witness,

Tears stain the fabric of nights,

Her yellow essence.

Brutal autumn’s hue,

Her yellow lehanga gleams,

Naseem Bagh’s lament.

Chinar leaves scatter,

Mercilessly from branches,

Nature’s bittersweet.

Forever etched in my mind.

Razi Tahir ✍️