Wonder Seekers


The theme for the International Women’s Day celebrations this year is ‘Embrace Equity’ – A thought-provoking and powerful phrase. A phrase that makes the community obligated towards shared resources and unbiased growth.

Equality vs Equity

In this context, I quote from the internet, “Equality means that each individual or group of people is given the same resources or opportunities. Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances and allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome.” Thus implying that though as a society, we may be more than willing to provide access to resources, yet they shall be available only when the circumstances of the concerned push them to the reservoirs.

So, What’s in it for me?

As individuals first and then as institutions, we have to mobilise and partner to make a difference to the circumstances. My experience in the competitive, fast paced corporate life has impacted and redefined womanhood for me. All the years I spent racing in the corporate corridors have been about work-life juggle. The sun shone on me and the likes of me much before the rest of the world as we steered like jets aiming to wrap up multiple chores. The air-conditioned interiors of the workplace offered a welcome respite from the early morning frenzy. Alluring cushioned chairs, limitless hot cups of coffee, an idyllic setting to complete a missed breakfast.

Coping and Succeeding

I cannot claim and regale in the earned success all by myself. The work-life juggle became fun only because of some spirited, never-failing women power in my life. Call them mentors, coaches, friends, colleagues or bosses, I labelled them ‘Wonder Seekers’. They weren’t helping with deadlines or an unfinished chore, what they were doing was creating a much deeper impact. These Wonder Seekers never let me give up on the wonder trail I was creating. They were the partners, the support system that accepted the challenges that young mothers like me lived with and waddled through. Acceptance opened up an array of benefitting resources: Solutions emerged; Stress faded; Winners emerged.


Each of us women need a wonder seeker in our lives. Once we accept it, destiny leads us to one. Acknowledging the need for support does not make one imprudent. On the contrary, it is the first step towards reorienting perspective and leading a more equitable life.

Saravjot Kaur