Window to the World



How I wish to the see the world around

Watch all wonders that hold us spell-bound

Miracles of nature and gifts by mankind

How I wish, I was one of those winged kinds


I would then just take a flight each day

Breeze past the shores or glide by the bays

Swivel through the streets or sit hill atop

Make a halt at times or fly nonstop


I would leap over oceans to reach a new land

Explore the unseen, follow trails of the sand

Tossing over tides and mazing through the mist

Cruising carefree in the moments of bliss


Basking in the beauty of the mossy greens,

Seeking solace despite endless pains

Nurturing the love for nature’s mysteries

Wandering through the lanes of forgotten histories


Well, I may not be one of those winged kinds

Yet, maybe through my books, I can follow my mind!


Annurani Sharma  

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