Where eagles dare: A poem by Nisha Tandon

The mighty beast soared on the lofty breeze
He flew his MiG-21 Bison with so much ease 
Valor of Wing Commander Abhinandan was unconquerable and supreme
As he set out to fulfil his imperial dreams 
Spreading its wings the jet engulfed  the sky in darkness 
As it dominated the skies, people in envy witnessed 
In adverse situations not once did he abort his flight
For his country as he set out on a secret tryst 
His jet was gunned down by the enemy’s air missiles 
And was taken captive by the inscrutable hostiles 
As he inadvertently parachuted over to the enemy territory 
Unknowingly in those moments, he had created history 
Feted as a hero for the dignity he maintained 
Amidst humiliation all the torture he bravely sustained 
By his captors, he was beaten and deprived of sleep
He maintained silence as they continued to inflict wounds deep 
Like an eagle, he defied the ferocious storms 
And soon he was back in his colossal form 
Proudly he returned home,his sacrifices weren’t in vain 
He allowed the fire of vengeance within him to remain 
The patriotism of this brave-heart was not for mere display 
Like an eagle, he attacked his unsuspecting prey
It was an open warning to the enemies who despair 
No one ventures where this mighty eagle dares