Where eagles dare: A poem by Manisha Amol

Young boy from a small town and a mediocre family,
Cherished big dreams in his magnetic eyes lived shyly.

Be it engineering,astronomy,
physics or aeronautics,
Was dextrously adept at handling all the dynamics.

Had a humble background but ambitions sky high,
Goals set,readied nuances and determined to fly.

Malleable brilliant mind leaving behind a lucrative career,
Forays into an uncertain world ruled by mafia all over.

Dazzle and splendour caught him in a short span of time,
He climbed up so steep,a valid reason so sublime.

Sharp focus,due diligence and a fearless mind,
Broke all the shackles leaving negativity behind.

Rose to a height where eagles dare to fly,
Looked at the stars with a gleaming telescopic eye.

Alas! irresponsibly bullied,harassed,subdued and troubled,
Despite all the malaise,he still remain humbled.

Vicious thoughts and conspiratory deeds of his rivals,
Could not tolerate his magnificent and trendy arrival.

Brutally assaulted-the journey ended of a brilliant man,
Had exposed the mafia of all the malafide plan.

Sudden mysterious demise shocked his fans world over,
Call for justice echoes and will be remembered forever.

Has left an indelible scar on the minds of loved ones,
Shall ever remain immortal in the hearts of family and friends.