Where Did the Humans Go?

Editor’s Note: This month we bring to you a poem written by Mriganko Shekhar Ghosh, who is a young writer and an avid reader. He is a journalism student and an aspiring scriptwriter. His motive for writing is simply to ink his observations, thoughts, feelings and ideas, and express them visually on the screen. He likes to travel and meet new people and is a Person with Special Needs.

Poem : Where Did the Humans Go?

Where did the humans go? I wonder.
Lost in the color of our skin,
The God we bow to,
The language we speak.
When did we get lost?
In the mist of differences and hatred.
Imaginary walls dividing us,
Blinded by selfishness,
All we bring is suffering and war.
Did we forget that in the end,
Earth and ash is all that shall remain,
And Mother Nature will embrace us all,
For we all are her children.
Let us move forward, to a time
When we share food and shelter and celebrate life,
And stay together, no matter who, through rain and through thunder,
Where will the humans go? l wonder.
Mriganko Shekhar Ghosh