When You Will Come Back: A Poem by Dr. Sonia Gupta

O’ you are far away from me, yet so very near,
Always close to my heart, you are my dear,
In the breeze blowing and chirping of birds,
I can listen to your voice, my dear beloved!

In the shimmering stars of the sky, I cherish your spark,
In the glimmering moon, I find you and for long I talk,
In the blooming flowers, I can see your smiling face,
I can feel you around in every space!

O’ in the drizzling rain, I cherish a lovable shower,
I feel you walking along with me looking at the flowing river,
In enlightening candles, I can see you brightening my ways,
In the gloomy nights, I find you in my dreams always!

O’ autumn came, spring bloomed, the monsoon arrived,
Hot scorching sun, chilled winter night,
Seasons changed, but not my love for you,
My heart and soul still behold the image of you!

O’ time enveloped us yet, we went a long way,
But today also, in my memories you always stay,
I loved you then and I love you today,
I will tell you all when you will come back one day!