What the Wind Whispers in our Ears


Winter is starting to set in,

The afternoons look as they always have,

but there’s something in the light of the morning,

the arrangement of the clouds,

the wind dancing around us,

dancing to the melody of the synchronised hum of the Earth,

the wind and the rain yet to drop down.


The pure joy in the eyes of the children celebrating their earliest Christmas,

The comforting smell of plum cake fresh out of the oven.


There’s something in the way the sun sets before we’re ready for it,

The way the pitch black only ascends when we’re ready to rise,

The way the trees sway from side to side,

The way we fall for everything, the fairy lights,

The old Christmas movies we’ve seen one too many times,

The little kids giggle as they put the star on top of the tree.

No one deserves to be alone on Christmas, don’t you agree?


The way we fall for everything around us,

The way winter and I have a kind of trust,

The way it comes before I say I’m ready for the summer to end,

But still find a sweet bit of solace in the wind,

The way it brings back bittersweet memories that wrap me in a hug again,

It’s all the love in the wind.


Diya Mittai

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