Wash It Off…: A Poem by Amrita Mallik

Wash off the pillow and its cover,
Tainted with sorrow and tears,
Lest everyone comes to know,
I silently pray, wish and cry at night,
A serious crime I commit, I must say,
Worse than those happening around,
Yet, a thrust role I detest playing,
Yearning to get out of the cover,
Mrs. Undercover is, hence, visually pleasing,
Ask the majority, and you will be disappointed,
Whoever doesn’t want to thrive and shine,
Whoever doesn’t want to carve out an identity,
Yet, for most, whispers smile bleakly,
Love is conditional… There’s no escape,
Hope against hope, keeps the pillow going,
The trusted buddy, the perfect soulmate,
And so remain those salty tears,
Call them pearls or diamonds,
How do they matter?