Veil: A poem by Manisha Amol

Standing at the church entrance sporting an angelic look,
As a magical silhouette against the golden rays at the door,
Adorned with the velvety shimmery dress from top to toe,
Donning a pristine white netty veil on her overjoyed face,
The bouncing hairdo covered in exuberant white flowers full of sheen,
Eyes camouflaging the excitement without a blink enveloped in black kohl,
The hypnotic radiant face glowing in a soft bronzy shimmer,
Crimson red lips veiled in silence trembling, moist and caressing,
Shaking hands holding the bouquet of fresh fragrant flowers like dazzling stars wrapped in a transparent sheet,
All the reverberating thoughts of a playful teenager racing in her mind,
Birds chirping at a distance creating a rendezvous of sweet sound,
The silence of the gathered crowd unnerving disallowing her to maintain a calm poise,
Her dreamy desires apocalyptically unevenly dispersed under her veil,
Heart missing regular beats with an unfathomable emotional upheaval of a new life,
With all the hopes to get drenched in the showers of blissful happiness,
With the graceful humility behind the veil, the bride walks down the aisle towards the priest.