Universe: A poem by Sampurna Chatterjee Ganguly

A speck I am, and the humongous universe,
I look up at the starry sky where my poetic mind intends to traverse,
Treading the milky way, hovering around the galaxy,
Repeatedly I come back to the vacuum being forced by the gravity,
I continue asking myself ” where am I”?
A moment of epiphany then enlightens me and I open my inner eyes,
The sun, the moon, the stars all are same, even am I,
All are vibrated with the rhythm of life,
And on this magnetic connection thrives the universe,
My soul awakes and I find my name written somewhere in the space,
I hear I see, I pour my heart on the earth,
I wonder while I know the unknown as the result of my earnest search,
Again I realize my soul awakens,

And I find my place preordained, Amid the endlessness of the universe.