Truth – A Determined Soldier



Truth – a determined soldier, valiantly battles his way

Tears veil of oblivion, inferno of lies it slays


Wrapped in self-conviction, attired in pure praiseworthy passion

Dousing the flames of greed, jealousy and temptation


Truth marches ahead, holding cudgel against minds destructive

Plays a tune soft, serene, soothing, smooth, and constructive


Dabbling with cacophony of lies, cackle of avarice

Lays bare the light of love – Jesus’ tears for Lazarus


Truth tweets love and liveliness for all and sundry

Gently nudges and touches the hearts of humanity


Shattering the facade of lies – blend of blacks and greys

Delights the mind in effervescence of solitude, shows the right way


Truth walks triumphantly blowing its trumpet tenderly

Need of the hour – humanity should shed falsehood earnestly


Let the light of wisdom prevail and Truth rule the world of humans

Let integrity and honesty become mankind’s constant companions


Ritu Kamra Kumar