Thunder speaks: A poem by Dr. Guncha Gupta

The night when dense dark turbulent clouds
Ghoulishly ferocious, towered
Intimidated, n’ all seemed to go astray
Life exuberant seemed lost to the demons of my past.

Sky overcast with some memories grisly
Haunted me, as dreams succumbed to life’s sorcery,
Tears of tragedy poured down from  my eyes like clouds pregnant
And lightning crackled it’s whip hard.

That night when all seemed lost
Strange intelligible thunder roared,
Every time that lightning struck, Thunder too rumbled n’ rolled.

Attentive, my eyes skyward, I listened
As a thunderbolt pealed, Hold on!
Hold on, for the grey overcast sky shall soon be clear
Off these treacherous clouds n’ sunshine is just around the corner.

Hold on! For hope, it is that thunder communicates.
Hold on! Traveler, pick up a new trial.
Ceraunophilic now, I wait for thunder to talk
To me whenever life’s blues chase me or threaten my way.