Thunder: A poem by Manisha Amol

A frightening thunder, ebullient lightning streaking above so high,
Ominous clouds silhouetted against the blue-black sky.
The twinkling stars, luminescent moon hiding behind clouds shy,
The unrelenting downpour as if a far cry.

Lightning falls on earth as an unforgiving fury to mankind,
Fear of unknown, mind, and soul together huddled.
Mother Earth looking up to quench its inexplicable thirst,
Celestial nectar of immortality for not to be vanquished.

Strong gushing winds shaking the trees to uproot,
Breaking all the myths of bloated human power snoot.
The thunder is clapping hard and celebrating,
Looking down on us and as if demeaning.

The hardest uproar leading to cascading downpour,
A sight shaking us out of a leisurely torpor.
The deafening jolt awaken our thoughts uptight,
Despite all the tiredness mentally riveting upright.

Nature is seething with anger at our betrayal,
Celestial entities exhibiting dissatisfaction and snare.
Posing a strong challenge on our existence dare,
This thunderous scenario is like an unending nightmare.