What kind of thirst is this that never quenches, 

A longing deep within, with no defenses.

It lingers, a relentless fire that scorches, 

Leaving me longing for cool, refreshing splashes.

It is not the thirst for water, clear and pure, 

Nor the thirst for knowledge, that seeks to endure. 

It is a thirst that comes from a greater place, 

A longing that cannot be quelled, nor erased.

It is the thirst for love, so sweet and tender, 

A burning desire, that no words can render. 

For love, like a mirage, eludes my grasp, 

And in its absence, my heart feels the clasp.

I wander through deserts of loveless days, 

Hoping to stumble upon love’s hidden ways. 

But each drop of affection slips from my hand, 

Leaving me yearning, like shifting desert sand.