There Was a Princess Long Ago: A Poem by Seema Jain

Abandoned on birth and adopted by a queen and king
There was a lovely princess long ago
Rooted in values, peerless in beauty
The princess was well-schooled in duty

A young prince, handsome, brave, and noble
Gained her hand in a fiercely contested Swaymvar
But cruel fate ordained for her prince a long  forest exile
The princess true to her code of values chose the same with a smile

She abandoned the royal robes and dressed like an ascetic
She arraigned herself into her new life without a hitch
Abducted by a mighty king and later rescued by her prince
After a prolonged battle, the princess returned to her land once again.

But lo! life played another of its tricks
The princess on suspicion was abandoned by her prince
Deeply pained by such trials of her chastity
She chose to bid adieu to this land of incongruity

That long-ago princess  still lives on today
All over the land often she is treated the same way
The princess’s tale loudly seems to proclaim
Treat me fair else l am a princess only in name.