The Zeal Amaranthine!: A Poem by Ankurita Khajanchi

From the shackles unthawed, that freeze my soul 
The attachments verklempt, that veil the spirit like a caged fowl
The monody by diffidence, peckers my conviction
Wings bondaged and shrouded with arcane affliction
As I trudge towards nowhere, sweatdrops trickle down my forehead
But I see a road ahead to stand me in good stead.

Getting out of a dungeon is easier than liberating the untamed
Letting the wild spirit run the way it wants, unapologetic and unashamed
The massive walls bricked around my thoughts are setbacks
But the immured imagination has learned to peep through the cracks
As I soar higher towards somewhere, in a maverick gear
I see a happier, wiser me, on the other side of fear.

The fetters, the chains, the thraldom are all in my mind
This sojourn I so tread on, to emancipate the confined
Fire and thorns and frustration, await like a landmark
In my willing heart, I keep, an unquenchable spark
As I forge towards myself, on this walk labyrinthine
I see a measured volition, and that my zeal is amaranthine.