The tree house: A poem by Nisha Tandon

The courtyard of our ancestral home housed a colossal tree
Its roots meandered along the ground like knotted ropes 
There was something mysterious and enigmatic about it
A plethora of tales within for decades it did hold

In the summers last, the kids espied it
And plan to erect a tree house was instantly made
Enthusiasm was infectious and their excitement contagious
As on an enthralling mission set out the young brigade

There were differences and there were disapprovals
Yet together they set out on an adventurous thrill
At times they slouched in a corner living their dreams
Afternoon siestas were often broken with their shrills

Their conversations oft ended in pillow fights
For the next few days it became their snuggly abode
The tree house was shrouded with drop dead silence sometimes
And also from there carefree laughters echoed

The hospitable confines of their labour of love
To escape prying eyes , became a perfect hideaway
Afternoons were spent reading and playing board games
Rivalry and camaraderie were in unison displayed 

With pride when they cherished their fantasy world
Their eyes lit up with a tinge of triumphant gleam
Pride filled my heart to see them follow their passion

As through them I too lived my childhood dream