The tree house: A poem by Babita Kejriwal

As I walked in the 
Forest one warm day, 
I saw a beautifully-lit 
Tree house on the way. 

Fresh green foliage 
Did magically surround, 
Along with an aura of
Peace and calm around. 

I was so mesmerized 
By its rustic charm, 
The ethereal sight was
Like a soothing balm. 

It transported me to my
Childhood days with ease, 
That day it had drizzled, 
There was a pleasant breeze. 

We had scampered up, 
It was delight and fun, 
There was no worry and
Care under the sun.

So happy we had been 
Amidst the cooling rain, 
Can someone bring me back 
Those innocent days again?