The Separation


The vidaai may be a tough goodbye, but it’s a beautiful reminder of the love that remains.

Sheena looked resplendent in her red and gold lehenga, embellished with Swarovski crystals, matching gold jewellery, and subtle make-up. With her dazzling smile, she looked the perfect bride.

She was tying the knot with her childhood sweetheart. Friends and family from all across the globe had come to attend the wedding.  It had been a five-day extravaganza ranging from the bachelorette to the wedding.  There was gaiety all around. Uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends were sharing a happy banter. She was enjoying all the fun. Everything was perfect, as she had wanted.

Her parents were involved in the arrangements. They wanted everything to be perfect. Sheena was their only daughter and they wanted the best for her.

Gourmet dishes from all across the globe, displayed in attractive tureens, looked delectable. The wedding venue was decorated with pink and white Orchids imported from foreign lands. The D.J played peppy numbers from both Bollywood and Hollywood. Opulence was at its best.

Sheena had wanted her wedding to be a memorable one.

As soon as the wedding procession entered the venue, the aarti was performed, and the bridegroom and his relatives were ushered in with great respect.

Soon Sheena joined the bridegroom on the stage. As soon as the garlands were exchanged, it started seeping in that soon she would be leaving her parents and family behind to begin a new journey in life.

The thought made her a bit subdued and her dazzling smile faded. Within no time, she was circumambulating with her bridegroom in front of the holy fire. Soon they were pronounced man and wife. It seemed that all this happened in a jiffy.

Now came the time to leave the parental home and go to the marital home, the vidai as it is called. From gaiety the scene turned into emotional. From uncles, aunts, cousins, friends and Sheena’s parents all became teary-eyed. The apple of their eye would be leaving them.

It would be the end of a chapter, and the beginning of a new one filled with love and happiness for their daughter. But parting with their daughter was painful.

Sheena too became emotional, she clung to her parents and started crying. They hugged her and assured her that they would always support her through thick and thin.

Before she could cross the threshold of her house, the puffed rice ritual was performed. She was asked to throw puffed rice over her shoulder. This is supposed to symbolize a repayment to her parents for all that they have given her throughout the years.

Once this ritual was performed, she knew she had to break the parental ties. The separation became too difficult. It was a bittersweet moment, saying goodbye to loved ones but welcoming a new family.

Her family too loathed to give her away. They hugged and cried buckets.

She was leaving behind a part of herself, but carrying with her the memories of her loved ones.

This separation is the toughest in life.

Dr Preeti Talwar

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