The Promise Day!

Pinky stood outside the hall, nervously checking her watch.

5.45 pm. Fifteen minutes for the show to begin!

5.55 pm! Tchhk…. Tchhk…. why is this man late? He promised to be here!

Clenching her fist, she tried hard to control the waves of annoyance that raged through her mind.

They had planned this rendezvous for days. In fact, it was Rajit’s idea. He knew her love for SRK. And coincidentally, Pathan was released in their small town on Valentine’s Day. The first day last show, he had promised! But where was he? Doesn’t he know how hard it is for her to step out?

Hailing from an orthodox family, it was not easy to remain outdoors, especially after dark. Fortunately, her elder sister would be covering it for her.

Pinky sighed. When will such an opportunity come again? Watching a movie was not the objective. Watching it sitting next to him, their shoulders brushing against each other, hands intertwined, and stealing a few kisses in the dark was the objective. She smiled thinking of Rajit’s handsome face and how he blushed.

But, where is he? She called him again. Unreachable! She continued to wait. 6.30 pm! The movie has begun. Rajit had promised her. How can he forget?

7 pm! No…not anymore! 

She started walking towards the auto stand. That’s when she heard him.

‘Pink….!’ Refusing to turn around, she walked faster. It would serve him right if she boarded an auto right then and went away. But there were no autos in sight.

‘Pink…. hey! Stop.’

Pinky did not stop. The bike came to a halt, blocking her way!


‘Rajit…you forgot…You promised me…But…’

‘Listen…. I was on time but fate had other plans. On the highway, in order to save a dog that appeared in my path, I swerved to the left. Luckily, the dog survived.’

Pinky looked up.

‘And you? How badly hurt are you?’

Rajit gave a weak smile. ‘Very minor. How can I break my promise?’

Pinky leaned forward to give him a hug.

But Rajit encircled her waist and hauled her atop the seat behind his. ‘Now let me make amend, Madam! Can I take you on a long ride?’

She squealed in delight, flung her arms around his neck and whispered, ‘I think this real-life hero can substitute my SRK for the time being.’  The couple rode into the darkness.

Pinky reached home on time, ready with a fool-proof story to support her ruse.  But no one noticed her for they were glued to the idiot box. Good, she thought and sat down to remove her shoes.

‘Major road accident at 6.30 pm on the national highway! A dog came in front of a speeding bike. Dog survived but biker lost control and hit a tree. Victim’s name is Rajit.’

Pinky sat there watching the news. That’s Rajit’s bike…his black helmet. But Rajit just dropped her home!

Before she passed out, she heard a whisper.  ‘Promise…I kept my promise Pink!’


Sreemati Sen