In history’s pages, tales are told,

Of independence, great and bold.

Partition’s scars, both deep and wide,

In textbooks, cinema, they reside.

Music weaves its mournful strains,

Echoing the cost, the bloody pains.

Literature speaks of empty chairs,

Of families burdened with despair.

We paid in blood, our sacred price,

To grant freedom’s sweetest slice.

With every drop, a sacrifice made,

A debt repaid, never to fade.

Empty spaces at the dining table,

Abandoned families, lives unstable.

Children recall their last conversations,

Held dear in their hearts, eternal dedications.

So let us stand, united, tall,

Together, one, we’ll never fall,

In this dear land, where dreams rise high,

We’ll shield its freedom, till we die.

Brave souls clad in uniform, medals adorned,

Their heroism remembered, their legacy adorned.

But hugs and warmth, they cannot replace,

The touch of a loved one, a warm embrace.

Independence, a victory grand,

But the price it demands, hard to understand.

Let us remember those who paid the price,

Their stories etched in our hearts, a solemn advice.

Razi Tahir (INDIA –  KASHMIR)✍️