The Old Church: A Poem by Lalita Vaitheeswaran

Dilapidated ruins the old church lay
Needing renovation to bring back the splendour old
The labourers toiled hard day and night
Rebuilding the structures for everyone to behold

Digging, through the floors of the building
A tile shook from beneath and gave way
A secret chapel with a stairway down
Led into a hidden chamber in disarray

Architects and geologists rushed in to decipher
Artifacts and cryptic symbols showing up there
Secrets to be unearthed to everyone’s awe
Wise men were ushered in, to all the mystery bare

As everyone stood in silence to the answer
The wise old men shook their head
If these symbols were decoded and unearthed
All the faiths and beliefs would be dead

Tis best to let bygones lie undisturbed
The workers covered back the secret room in zest
The old church now stood with its rejuvenated glory
Hiding its enigmatic past under its chest