The Mysterious Ocean: A Poem by Mohammed Hamim

An intriguing and astounding place
Full of enchantment, magnetic attraction
Naturally filled with sightliness and peace
Full of ecstasy and abundant fascination.

Natural beauty, ocean, mysterious and enticing
Everything seems extremely awesome and new
The characteristics of the ocean, are really appealing
Everything is as strange as dew.

An immense and the broadest aspect
Of the earth, filled with uncountable creatures
Whales, dolphins, sharks, the largest
Also ornamented with various sea creatures.

The ocean is brimful of delight and delectation
The sound of the waves was so sweet and amazing
The breeze sounds luscious as it captivates the attention
The rhythm of the sea has music, so mesmerizing.

The aglow moon and stars at night
The oceans of nature, alluring horizon
The fascinating sight in the twilight
It’s nowhere better than the mysterious ocean.