The Mirror on the Wall

The mirror on my wall is not just my reflection but also the book of my life.

It has seen me through the days of my childhood to my transformation into a young woman. It is a repertoire of my styles, my charms, my persona, my behavior and my emotions at different stages of my life.

It knows all my stories; stories of love, broken heart, and betrayal; of tears and shame; of guilt and melancholy, and of secrets I could never share with anyone.

It has proven to be my true mate- on days I had no other friend; on days I needed solitude; on days I wished to introspect; on days I fancied talking only to myself; on days I failed; on days I celebrated victory.

This mirror is also illusionary for me. At times, I see someone else on the other side; someone who questions my identity; someone who quivers my confidence; someone who intrigues my mind; someone who dares me in the face; someone who empathizes with my solitude.

This mirror is indeed a source of inspiration too for me. I visualize my future in this mirror. I see my dreams in my eyes when I see my reflection in the mirror, and those dreams instill confidence, conviction, and courage to shape them into reality. When I am tired of my life, this mirror gives me hope and shows me a ray of light by reflecting that I do not look graceful in a forlorn and weary facade.

My mirror is reinforcement. It reinforces my belief in myself, my faith in my vision, and my trust in the world.

The mirror on my wall shows me who I am and clutches the hope for who I want to be.

Vandana Bhasin