The last letter: A poem by Rachna Karara

Tears ran down her face
Reading the last letter by her son in a haze
It came stained in blood from the airbase
All happiness from her life did chase.

Am saying goodbye, dear Mother
Like me, you will find no other
Do not worry for me any longer
I am not coming home, do not be in anger.

For my country, I gave up my life
Goodbye to you, Dad and my sweet wife
The brutal gunshot ripped me apart
It’s time for me to exit from your heart.

I know, sweet mother, I have put you in pain
Giving my life for my country, joy I have gained
You were the one who raised me proper and right
Protected and loved me with all your might.

Now, I will watch you from Heaven above
The golden angels are calling me with love
I know, you will miss me always dear
But whenever you look up, you will find me near.

My last letter to you, please keep
In my grave, where I am going to sleep.