The Last Leaf of Winter: A Poem by Nibedita Rajguru

I swirl with the gusts of air,
Like a flapping banner,
Clamping to the barren bough,
The tree has shed its leaves, in anguish.

The Sun’s somber rays,
Perch on me for a while,
I bask in the glint, ethereal.

And ponder over, Ah! Those days of yore.
The green leaves budded, so tender,
Scuttling, shuffling, swinging, singing,
They gathered to form a canopy of cadence.

The melody of love,
Soothed my soul,
And, I swayed along with rapture.

The summers, and springs, are gone,
The winter graces the ground,
Caressing the land with it’s icy hand,
Douses the spirits, jocund,
I watch the icy limbs, stir,
A nippy, bitter, elixir.