The Joyride

The light was getting dimmer. The sky was dull, not the bright blue like it was this morning.

Yesterday, mummy was digging and working in the garden for most of the morning and seemed very happy to see all her newly bought plants.

“You’ll see David, I’ve planted pansies, gerberas and geraniums. Our garden will be a patch of pretty blooms in no time. I tell you, I do have green fingers and you’ll be proud of me.”

She was talking excitedly to daddy when we sat out on the porch at night.

I had wanted to see them too but right now they looked bare. So I continued to play and soak in the springtime sun and twirl about in the light drizzles.

It would get so lonely at times at home with mummy and daddy off to work and just a sitter who would take care of my meals. She hardly spoke to me or played with me.

I went out into the garden to check the new plants.

Oh! Here they come! Mummy and daddy are back from work! Mummy looks furious today as she slams the car door and quarrels with daddy. She looks upset.

“….has…to…tomorrow! …packing…bags!”

I was over the moon! We were going on that long awaited holiday! I hoped that we were going to that place where I could play in the water all day, swim with daddy and play ball with him…

The next morning, we were all packed. Colourful plastic balls, frisbees and some food.

“So, buddy! Are we all set to go?” Daddy patted my head and ruffled my hair playfully. I jumped and danced in excitement.

As soon as daddy opened the car door, I bounded in. I loved the car rides with the wind in my face. It made me sleepy and I would stretch out on the backseat which I had all to myself. I was lucky to have such parents.

A sudden jerk of the car jolted me awake. We had arrived and daddy had stopped the car. My excitement knew no bounds!

But there wasn’t going to be any swimming today. We had stopped at a place where there were only trees around.

After I ate some yummy food, daddy played with me. Mummy stayed by the car and watched us. After a while, she called daddy aside,”…late…darker…leave…”

Daddy told her we would play one last game. The ball bounced further than usual behind some trees and I ran to get it.

Feeling victorious, I reached the place where daddy was standing, but he was nowhere to be seen!

Mummy was gone too…!

So was the car!

My blanket, all my toys and some biscuits  were by the side of the road.

“Mummy…daddy…where are you…? I’m sorry, mummy, daddy…please come back…I’m scared…”


The woods look deep, dark and menacing. Do you think they’ll come back for me???

They’re only hiding and pranking me, right?

Woof! Woof! They love me… woof???

Sangeetha Kamath

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