The Indomitable


Summing up the desires and marking a distant land (seemingly a chimera) can only be attempted by the resolute. Our aspirations appear confounding to some and mere obstinacy to others. Susurration of people behind our backs and the murk within triggers apprehension. But then, what keeps us going? Yes, our dreams and our indomitable self that has undying faith in these.

“Seemed beautiful and fulfilling, it cost me my solace

I kept telling myself ‘even this shall pass…”

The hope of seeing the dawn after the deep dark slumber is always encouraging. The journey towards the aims of ‘morrow becomes easier when we believe in our dreams, even when no one else does. The lonesome treading will be full of dismay. The prolonged, rugged, and rough pathways and the sky-high walls of anxiety might blur the vision. If you do not want regrets to take the place of dreams, do not forget that everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear. That one dream is to be lived some hundred thousand times in your mind. It will help you to master the skill of striding on prickles. The anticipation of achievement, the hope of wholesomeness, and the contemplation of contentment will keep you going.

It takes courage to tread on, to live a dream that can be seen by none but you. It takes courage to keep incessant faith, to traverse a road no matter the doubt that befogs sanity. It takes courage to be your own light. One day we do realize that winning and losing is just a matter of courage- the courage to take just one more step. Our dreams give us this audacity to endure the surreptitious arcane gloom. Do you know that the stalwarts keep an untold aurora in their hearts? Yes, they do. They nurture brilliance in themselves. They can smell the blooms from far away. They can see the silver lining. Like a mirage in the desert that heartens to struggle, to go on, and survive, their dreams keep them thriving.

With unfaltering confidence, we should know that when the chance will open its warm embrace, our choices, our dreams and the indomitable in us will make all the difference. All we need is to buck up and not lose our poise.

“Yes, my heart has readily trodden harsher lanes

The greener other side must be worth the pains

The desolation somehow will face the wilting dry spells

For I have a corner of hope, where timeless iridescence dwells.”

Ankurita Khajanchi