The haunted house: A poem by Dr. Guncha Gupta

The swiveling wind blew a draught all chilly,
Labored breathing emanated like devil‘s wails in the air,
Into a dark dungeon, head spinning, he pirouetted
Down a labyrinthine path, no one should dare.
Dilapidated thoughts twisted like cobwebs entangled, ensnared,
Teasing, tricking, by a sorceress wretched, so cruel!
Happiness left as life seemed to hold no meaning, no color,
Disillusioned eyes clouded with smoke curls evaporating in the air.

Life, a puppeteer holding some tangled strings,
Manipulated with mere gestures,
And forgetting that being alive is the sole purpose of existence
The mind fragile left all care, no flare.
Where life’s trials n’ tribulations won over love n’ affection,
A sane vault, invaded, entrapped, haunted.

And God’s talented soul crashed, oh! such a folly,
As a perfect mental abode became a house haunted
By the melange of reflections, relations, desires, aspirations
And the house of sanity left the private recesses of the brain
Till the haunted house succumbed to another soul to live’s sorcery.

Author’s note:

This piece is my dedication to the persons who took their lives in a moment of mental weakness, their brain, a haunted house.